International Method acting

Learn Method Acting techniques by renowned Actor & Method Acting Coach Mr Gaurav Nanda


Actor Studio India offers basic and advance program in international method acting training, depending on the requirements of the students. This program is helps build your imagination, creativity and confidence as an actor. In additional to this it also improves your communication skills and public speak ability and get rid of your stage fear. This program helps you develop an unique and confident personality.  

Course Module

 Personalized Acting Training
 Intensive Acting Training
 Acting For Camera & Auditioning
 Theater workshop for children
 Voice Speech & Dictions

The art of comedy
Finding your clown
Melsner Technique For Actors
Alexander Technique For Actor
Lee Strasberg Acting Approach
Stella Adler Acting Method
 UTA Hagen acting techniques
Improvisional Techniques & Improve Comedy
 Advance Laban’s Characterization and movement techniques

Admission Process

Admission process in Actor Studio India is simple and convenient. Our admission team is always available to guide and help you. For admission, a consultation is must. The consultation session is taken by our founder, renowned actor & international method acting coach Mr Gaurav Nanda himself. This consultation helps our team to analyze and suggest which course will suit you the best.

Our team is eager to help and guide you for your questions regarding the consultation and admission process in person, through email, over chat or calls