Frequently Asked Questions

We have a unique approach of training which totally focuses on getting results from the first session . Each and every class is thoroughly planned according to the needs of the applicant.We do not follow one general training structure; but believe in providing and guiding each applicant with a module which suits him/her the best.We also guarantee that no other institute can give you quick results as we do . A month long training with us is as good and effective as a 6 months of training any where else .We take pride in our training and guarantee your learning with results starting from the first session or we pay your money back . 

Almost anything is being passed on in the name of teaching acting. And when the course is over,there is hardly any noticeable change in the acting ability of students. So when the student gets a script for audition, he is plain terrified. He has no idea how to go about it. How to prepare it? He is miserable at his very first audition. Gradually,he stops trying after a few failed efforts. But at Actor Studio India the student gets release from all camera fears/stage fears.He knows what to do with the script at hand. He learns to act with ease and confidence. 

Each and every person is different with various flaws and differences in his/her instrument (Actor’s Body).We like to totally analyze each and every applicant before we start training them and guide them with the modules which will suit them and clear the clouds of confusion which they might be carrying with them .Consultation charges are Rs 2000/- and it’s a must session for anyone to enroll in our courses . 

Our training and approach are very scientific and follow various world wide acting and theatre techniques .In  Each session  you discover something new in your instrument (Actor’s Body) which you might not be aware of . Due to scientific nature of our training each session  deliver the necessary results and bring you closer to the method behind the ” Art Of Acting “.Unlike other institutes we do not believe in confusing the students by a set of training which only leaves a large number of questions in their mind with no answers .We believe that each and every method we teach has an intent and an use which the student should understand and know .  

You see, all guarantees are oral. Nobody provides a written guarantee.You will do well to check with former students of those institutes and find for yourself the truth of this claim.The students actually end up as amateurs working in films made by other students.These films are, then used as show-reels. 

At Actors Studio India we provide genuine leads for auditions ,introduce you to various directors ,producers and casting directors with our references who have genuine projects in hand. More than that we have our own casting agency called Casting Calls India which keeps the students well informed and updated about various openings. We focus that Students should get roles as professional actors. 

You only need a place and sometimes a small camera to teach acting. If you turn a studio or a five-star hotel into a class room it does not improve the learning in any way? A class is a class no matter where you hold it.Buildings or equipments don’t teach you acting. It is the teacher that counts. At the end of the day an institute is as good as the teacher. 

You see that many of the Acting Schools have very little content to teach to acting students. Whatever little content they have, can not run through the full term of the course. So they use classes like music, yoga, and dance etc. only as fillers and fail to teach students its usage as actors. Why should a student pay huge fees to acting schools to learn these skills. He can easily pick up these skills anywhere at a fraction of what he is made to pay at acting school. 

We, at Actor Studio India, focus only on the core of the subject. So students save a lot on their time, money and energy, because there are no wasteful classes or activities at Actor Studio India .