Drama For School/College

Learn the best techniques of being a good performer & built your confidence. Get trained by the  renowned actor & coach Mr Gaurav Nanda.


The Drama For School Program not only helps the students to brcome better performers but also help the, built a confident personality, become better public speaker, imporved communication skills, learn to become more expressive, be more social and develop an overall unique personality and be more prepared for the future.   

Course Module

Acting Techniques & Method
Effective Communication
Developing imagination
Developing Observation Habit
Develop a confident attitude
Develop your body mind as a creative artist

Admission Process

Admission process in Actor Studio India is simple and convenient. Our admission team is always available to guide and help you. For admission, a consultation is must. The consultation session is taken by our founder, renowned actor & international method acting coach Mr Gaurav Nanda himself. This consultation helps our team to analyze and suggest which course will suit you the best. 

Our team is eager to help and guide you for your questions regarding the consultation and admission process in person, through email, over chat or calls.